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The Wonders of Sleep

When it comes to health, sleep is a huge deal. Our bodies use the time we’re asleep to clean up clutter, recharge body parts, and do good. Lack of sleep means leftover clutter, even in the brain. Perhaps, especially in the brain. A brain that looks like the local dump doesn’t function all that well.

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Is Your Liver Happy?

You may have noticed that nobody writes love songs about the liver. In fact, poets ignore the liver–no poetry, no praise, pretty much nothing about the liver gets a mention. And I’ll grant you that the liver lacks dashing good looks. Liver looks like, well, liver–gushy, shapeless, certainly nothing much to write raptures about. Adding […]

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Knowing Symptoms Will Prevent Disaster

As you know, I talk about symptoms–how to recognize them, how to know what they mean, and how to help your body deal with whatever your symptoms are telling you. A while back, I was talking to a man who asked what I wrote about. He didn’t like the fact I wrote about health, and […]

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The Problem With Thyroid Tests

Much of life changed in the 1960s. Medicine, for instance. Working behind the scenes, medicine changed forever–and not for the better. For one thing, that’s when Big Pharma took over medical schools. Medical schools with a nutrition-based curriculum were forced to change to all drugs, all the time. Medical schools with a drug-based curriculum doubled […]

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Two Sure Ways to Whack Your Thyroid

So there we are: Feeling fat, more than a little tired, with thinning hair, and a brain in a constant fog. According to magazines, it all means our thyroid needs a visit to the doctor for a pick-me-up. The doc, looking wise and serious, orders a thyroid test, which, as I say again and again, […]

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Synthroid Is Never the Answer

Healthcare jumped off a cliff in the 1960s when Big Pharma took over medical schools and insisted on a drugs-only approach; schools teaching nutrition were forced to change. There’s no money in nutrition, at least not the kind of money drugs pull in. And, lo, all these years later, healthcare is still going downhill, and […]

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When Your Digestion Dances the Fandango

Well, I hate to be the one to tell you, but a lot of foods can start an uproar in your digestive system. Maybe not on their first trip down your gullet, but there will come a day. If you’re kind of lucky, the fandango will be slow and not too troublesome; while you won’t […]

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The Gray Cloud of Depression

Didja ever hear of Joe Btsfplk? Btsfplk (pronounced to sound like a Bronx Cheer) walked–or should we say dragged dejectedly–through the comic strip, “Lil Abner” by Al Capp. Poor old Joe lived every day of his life in a cloud of misery and woe. Sometimes life is like that. Times when life is no fun […]

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