Problem Medicines

Prescription medicines take a one-size-fits-all approach. Well, now, see, this is a problem. One-size-fits-all meds actually fit very few, and they may not fit you. They may even harm you. Also, many medicines trash your nutrition and make it harder for you to fight disease. And so on. Well, inquiring minds want to know, so…

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An Unsung Hero in Your Kitchen

This unsung hero sees service everywhere in the world. It’s loaded with vitamins and minerals. It’s classified as a medical spice because it does so much good for your health. What is this amazing spice, you ask? Black pepper. Or, to be official, piper nigrum.

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Ice vs Heat for Healing

So here you are, in the middle of another, “oh my aching back” kind of day, and you’re thinking about whipping out the old heating pad, but stop to wonder if ice would be better. I vote for ice. That said, we’re all unique, and this is one of the many questions for which there…

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Acid or Alkaline: The Argument Rages

We live in contentious times. Chances are you’ve noticed all the tsk-tsking and flying fur,so this doesn’t come as a news flash. One raging argument, in the health world at least, is about acid/alkaline levels–what happens if you get it wrong, what to eat to get it right, and on, and on. Nothing ever gets…

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The Latest News About Blood Pressure

Holy moley, Batman, they’re at it again! Now medicine has come to the brilliant conclusion that the way to deal with failure is to create more of it. Here’s the story: Blood pressure medicines are a failure. Even if the meds get your systolic and diastolic numbers to line up just so, your body won’t…

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The Blessings of Coffee

Health isn’t all about worry; sometimes it’s relaxing and delicious. For instance, research says caffeinated coffee is a medical wonder, blessing our socks off with each sip. Studies find that coffee’s big-time benefits start at three cups a day. More is fine, but less does less.

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Prescription Meds to Avoid

Medicine is broken. Starting in the 1960s, when Rockefeller money muscled all medical schools into a drugs-only, drugs-always methodology, things have fallen apart. The downhill pace turned into a race to the bottom when state medical boards started adding dictate after dictate about what doctors are allowed to do. They yank medical licenses when doctors…

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Meet Your “Third Eye”

Before we sally forth into new territory, let’s review how the endocrine system works. Trouble can start in any of your endocrine glands, and once trouble’s afoot, all the other glands jump into the battle. Without knowing whether the war will end well or badly, your glands willingly give their all. Even glands you never…

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