Invisible Inflammation

The single greatest threat to our health is inflammation. Pick a disease, any disease, and talking inflammation.

Sometimes inflammation is visible. For instance, bug bites, splinters, joint injuries, etc. give us a ringside seat to watch a mini-war as our body fights to get rid of the enemy and protect the homeland.

Usually, though, we can’t see inflammation because it’s inside our bodies. And it’s this “inner” inflammation that’s a worry because it’s behind every downhill thing, from visible signs of aging to heart attacks to cancer.

Inflammation means our blood has to fight its way through blood vessels instead of just flowing along. Bloated organs work poorly; have you ever tried turning a swollen hand into a fist? Things get more and more out of balance, and our body parts perform like a worn-out Junker, not the race car we always intended to be. To live long and prosper, you have to “take steps.”

Fortunately, while inflammation can’t be completely avoided, it can be controlled. Let’s look at some of the causes of inflammation, then at what you can do to keep it under control.

Some causes of inflammation

1. The most common cause of inflammation, and the easiest to remedy, is poor nutrition–not giving our bodies what they need–and individual needs vary depending on what’s going in.

2. Simmering, kind-of-under-the-radar infections pump inflammation way, way up. All infections cause some level of inflammation, but a lingering infection raises the bar to dangerous levels.

3. A digestive system that’s always in an uproar produces inflammation by the carload. Is it food allergies? Leaky gut, perhaps?

4. Toxins: fluoride, metals like mercury or aluminum, air pollution, aspartame, monosodium glutamate, etc.

Getting rid of inflammation

1. Advertising aside, there are no magic bullets to slay the inflammation beast. Inflammation is caused by something that’s going on in your body, and to put out the fire, you have fix the cause.

2. Pump up your nutrition. Big time. You want both quality foods and a vitamin/mineral program specific to your body. Good food will take you a long way; a customized vitamin/mineral program will take you much farther. Excellent nutrition heals a world of woes.

3. Say “good by” to three really bad actors: The soy, monosodium glutamate and aspartame in your diet. You’ll have to read labels (and know all the fake names for soy) to avoid these bad ingredients. Since these three actors bring billions of dollars into food company coffers, they will not make it easy for you to escape.

4. Reduce your stress. Well, that’s a lot easier to say than to do, but one thing to try is deep, diaphragmatic breathing, several breaths at least a few times a day. With mouth closed, slowly inhale deeply while expanding your diaphragm sideways; hold the breath for a little bit, then slowly exhale. My Moving to Health program has complete instructions, and you can probably find information on line.

5. Get all the sleep you need. The going-to-sleep process is a good time to use the diaphragmatic breathing technique; it helps slow you down.

6. Decide to love yourself enough to be good to your body. What a great gift that would be!

God is good,
Bette Dowdell

About the author: Bette is all about determination. A month before her first birthday, a drunk driver smashed into her parents’ car, and she ended up with a concussion. The concussion put her endocrine system (the thyroid and the rest of the gang) pretty much out of business. Well, that system controls all of health, life was a mess, but doctors didn’t help. So, she got her Oh-Yeah! attitude in gear and researched her way out. Now she writes about how your body works and what you can do to make it work better. Good, eh? Subscribe to her free health e-mails at

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