Low-Fat Miseries

Man, oh, man, have we been brainwashed!

Doctors learn it in medical school. Magazines write about it. In fact, everywhere we look, it’s accepted as fact, perhaps even wisdom.

Surely, you’ve heard it, too: A low-fat diet is the way to good health, happiness and probably world peace.

Which just happens to be the opposite of the truth. A low-fat diet puts you on the road to chronic disease. And it starves the joy from your brain, so happiness is a long shot. And how can we have world peace when everybody’s cranky and craving something they can’t figure out?

Here are twenty of my Didja Knows about a low-fat diet:

1. Didja know a low-fat diet increases your risk of cancer?

2. Didja know a low-fat diet speeds up aging? That’s not even close to a good idea.

3. Didja know a low-fat diet loses muscle, not fat?

4. Didja know a low-fat diet means you can’t absorb nutrition from your food and supplements?

5. Didja know a low-fat diet leads to depression? And makes depression worse if you’re already there?

6. Didja know a low-fat diet damages your metabolism? It’s fixable, but not without effort.

7. Didja know a low-fat diet throws the endocrine system into an unbalanced tizzy?

8. Didja know a low-fat diet can cause hyperthyroidism? Hypothyroidism, too. Either way, you lose.

9. Didja know a low-fat diet, such as that promoted by the American Diabetic Association, increases insulin resistance?

10. Didja know a low-fat diet can cause infertility?

11. Didja know your body makes your hormones from the saturated fat you eat? A low fat diet leads to hormone desperation–thyroid, adrenals, insulin, immune-system hormones, etc.

12. Didja know a low-fat diet leads to gallstones?

13. Didja know a low-fat diet worsens Crohn’s Disease?

14. Didja know a low-fat diet can cause constipation? Or give you the turkey-trots. Some choice that is.

15. Didja know a low-fat diet raises cholesterol levels?

16. Didja know a low-fat diet starves your brain?

17. Didja know a low-fat diet leads to chronic disease?

18. Didja know a low-fat diet explains acne?

19. Didja know a low-fat diet causes cravings? Hunger pangs, too.

20. Didja know a wrong-fat diet (vegetable oils) is at least as bad as a low-fat diet?

The fat we need is saturated fat. Oh, yes, indeed! Sat fat is where it’s at! Get this: Sat fat lowers your cholesterol, helps you lose weight, and any number of other things you didn’t think it could do.

However, not just any sat fat will do. It has to be good for you sat fat–from grass-fed beef, organic coconut oil, pastured chicken raised without soy, and their eggs.

So much to learn about diet! The good news is that diet is a big topic in my Moving to Health program, if you’re interested.

About the author: Bette Dowdell had to learn all about health. A drunk driver caused a concussion, which badly wounded her health, when she was a baby. So her endocrine system (the thyroid, adrenals, and the rest of the gang), the controller of all of health, dragged along, out of balance and out of sorts, but doctors didn’t help. So, she got her Oh-Yeah! attitude in gear and researched her way out. Along the way, her fascination with how our bodies work grew, and grew, and grew, so Bette’s still researching. Subscribe to her free health e-mails at https://TooPoopedToParticipate.com

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