One Vitamin Everybody Needs

Your body won’t sparkle and shine without your dietary help. In fact, your wonderful body will prune up and go into sloth mode without some solid effort from you.

Such as? Well, for one thing, we all need vitamins, minerals, amino acids–and I could go on–to high-step through life with style and energy.

If you’re dragging through life, dreary day after dreary day, your nutrition needs help. If you catch every bug that comes along, think nutrition. The fact is, unless we give our bodies what they need, we send an open invitation to disease to march in and whack us.

What’s good nutrition then? Well, now, see, that depends.

Depends on what? You. The wonderfully unique you.

While people are alike in many ways, no two people are completely the same. Not when they were born, and not now, after all life has taken (or put) them through. Not even twins.

That’s why one-size-fits-all diets, from magazines and elsewhere, never really fit what our bodies need. Yes, they may keep us going, but they won’t deliver us to a distant finish line at the end of a full, well-lived life.

And, just as you don’t get a PhD without study, you won’t figure out what nutrition your body needs without learning some stuff.

For starters, we all need vitamins. Which vitamins and how much of each varies by individual, but there is one vitamin that everybody needs–as in EVERYBODY. Since you’re guaranteed to need it, let’s talk.

Most animals produce their own vitamin C, but not humans. We each have to make sure our bodies get enough of it. Life slides downhill without enough C, and downhill living drains your life-is-good juices.

Back in the day, I caught a lot of colds. Misery and woe, for days and days. Then I learned about good, old vitamin C and started taking 2000 mg when the dripping and kachooing began. Within minutes I would be symptom-free. When the symptoms started kicking up a fuss again, I took another 2000mg to get another four (or so) hours of relief.

Finally, I really got smart and started to take plenty o’ vitamin C every day. Bingo! I haven’t had a cold–or the flu–for years.

Before you start chugging down vitamin C with abandon, though, let me give you a word of warning. If you’re sick, your body will slurp all the vitamin C you send its way and be happy, happy, happy. Especially since C doesn’t interfere with medical treatments.

And even though you still need C when you’re not sick, you don’t need as much. And surprising a healthy body with vast quantities of C, without any warning or reason, doesn’t work well.

Here’s how to properly start an everyday, I’m not sick, vitamin C program. Begin by taking 500mg of vitamin C at breakfast. All’s well at high noon? Take another 500mg with lunch. And so on as you build to your optimum dose. Do not be a rush.

When you reach the cusp of getting more C than your body needs at the moment, your bowels will get a little loose, so hold at that level–at least for a little while. You can start increasing your C intake again in a few days and continue building your body’s defenses. Just let your body be your guide.

I now take 2000mg of C first thing in the morning, and also with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If life gets stressful, I take more. Scientist Linus Pauling, who discovered the wonders of megadosing C, reportedly took 13,000mg every day. Individual needs vary.

However, if you decide starting slowly is for sissies and knock back several thousand milligrams to begin, you’ll be spending a lot of time in the bathroom, with your nether regions feeling like they’re on fire. Apply some coconut oil and don’t even think about complaining. Looking chagrined is appropriate, though.

Vitamin C: It’s one thing every body needs.

God is good,
Bette Dowdell

About the author: Bette is all about determination. A month before her first birthday, a drunk driver smashed into her parents’ car, and she ended up with a concussion. The concussion put her endocrine system (the thyroid and the rest of the gang) pretty much out of business. Well, that system controls all of health, life was a mess, but doctors didn’t help. So, she got her Oh-Yeah! attitude in gear and researched her way out. Now she writes about how your body works and what you can do to make it work better. Good, eh? Subscribe to her free health e-mails at

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