Four Endocrine Heros

You want amazing? Check out the endocrine system. Not only does the list of activities go on and on, the level of cooperation between endocrine glands goes to the death. If one gland starts to falter, the others try to help. If one gland dies, the others throw themselves on the funeral pyre in an…

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Meet Your Endocrine System

The endocrine system is made up of glands that create hormones. In fact, if you’re talking about hormones, the topic is this little known system, the only part of our bodies that creates hormones.

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This Way to Health

Nobody’s mother ever read them a bedtime story that ended with, “And they learned how their bodies really work and lived happily ever after.” Oh, no. The message we heard was about going to a doctor whenever we had a health problem.

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Why Your Health Depends on You

Medicine is getting worse and worse. Big Pharma and the health insurance industry want money, lots of money, more and more money. If doctors don’t get on the money train, they get the boot–lose their license and have to find a new way to make a living. Meanwhile, asthma rates are skyrocketing. Breast cancer rates,…

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Some Good News About Bad Soy

Well, well, well, well! A popular consumer magazine finally said something about the health risks of soy oil. Be still my heart! I’ve been jumping up and down about the perils of soy for a long time, and it’s been very, very lonely.

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The Wonders of Sleep

When it comes to health, sleep is a huge deal. Our bodies use the time we’re asleep to clean up clutter, recharge body parts, and do good. Lack of sleep means leftover clutter, even in the brain. Perhaps, especially in the brain. A brain that looks like the local dump doesn’t function all that well.

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Is Your Liver Happy?

You may have noticed that nobody writes love songs about the liver. In fact, poets ignore the liver–no poetry, no praise, pretty much nothing about the liver gets a mention. And I’ll grant you that the liver lacks dashing good looks. Liver looks like, well, liver–gushy, shapeless, certainly nothing much to write raptures about. Adding…

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Knowing Symptoms Will Prevent Disaster

As you know, I talk about symptoms–how to recognize them, how to know what they mean, and how to help your body deal with whatever your symptoms are telling you. A while back, I was talking to a man who asked what I wrote about. He didn’t like the fact I wrote about health, and…

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