Could It Be Lyme?

A dismayed grandmother commented on my article “The Autism Wars. (Read it here.) Her precious grandson was diagnosed and treated as autistic–when, in fact, he has lyme disease. She reports that a recent study said 90% of California kids diagnosed with autism actually had lyme disease.

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Judicial Overreach

And yet another judge has appointed himself God and issued a decree–probably a death sentence–to an innocent teen boy who had the misfortune to get lymphoma. Judge John Rodenberg in Minnesota sentenced young Daniel Hauser to chemotherapy over his and his parents’ objections.

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Whom Can You Trust?

Well, Dr. Andrew Weil put his foot in it–again. In his 5/16/09 column, he intones the politically correct mantra of the medical world that soy is good for you. Right out there in public, he says that. Like it’s the truth or something!

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TSH Tales

Yikes! I just read that a low TSH means a longer life–and feeling better as you go. Since my pituitary gland remains on a perpetual strike, it doesn’t do the TSH thing. My TSH, then, is almost invisible. So I plan to live really long and prosper.

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What We’re Up Against

40% of the U.S. population has thyroid problems. Few of them will ever feel really well again because doctors don’t believe in the one medicine that will help. Patient well-being is neither here nor there. Doctors claim it’s about science, but in fact, their position has absolutely no basis in science. Zero, zip nada.

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The Mercury Puzzle

Did’ja ever get the feeling you’re in Wonderland looking for Alice? For instance, our powers that be outlawed mercury thermometers. Better you shouldn’t know your temperature than risk a broken thermometer that could leak, maybe, a half dram of mercury. The substitute thermometers, while not accurate, offer a general idea of your temp. Close enough,…

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Flaxseed: The Ticket To Where You Don’t Want To Go

Fish oil’s good for you. Everybody says so. Yeah, fish oil, that’s the ticket. Well, what about all the warnings about mercury in fish? Well, then, flaxseed’s good for you. Everybody says so. It contains plant-based fish oil.Yeah, flaxseed, that’s the ticket.

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