Thyroid or Adrenal?

So, there you are, dragging your patooty and wondering what in the world happened to you. A friend suggests that you probably have thyroid problems. Another friend jumps in to say, no, you probably have adrenal problems. So you poke around the internet, getting nowhere. When they talk about the adrenal glands, they seem to…

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Why Thyroid Meds Don’t Work

So, you go to the doctor and spill your bucket of symptoms–fatigue, weight gain, hair loss, etc. If you happened upon an alert doctor, you’ll get a thyroid test. And you’ll celebrate that help is on the way. Well, maybe.

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What Causes Thyroid Problems?

50% of the U.S. population has thyroid problems, most of which go undiagnosed. I don’t have worldwide statistics, but I can’t imagine they differ by much, if at all. And the numbers keep heading up! Yikes!

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Evidence-Based Medicine

The latest thing in medicine is the ‘fact’ that all medicine is based on solid, scientific evidence. Excuse me? At least 70% of all medical practice has no scientific basis, relying instead on tradition, rumor and best guess. Meanwhile,

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The Case of the Sun Screen Killer

Some years back, about forty or so, the medicos labeled the sun as an enemy agent. We all needed to slather on sun screen all day, every day, or risk dying of melanoma in slightly more than a trice. If, like me, you’ve lost a loved one to melanoma, you reacted quickly and positively, making…

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If you belong to the longer-is-better-on-the treadmill school of thought, you might want to reconsider. And if long distance running takes your time, you really need to think it through. Especially if you buy into the idea of high carb fueling.

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Terminology of Disease and Aging

People in the health biz throw around the lingo as if everybody has a clue. Well, some do, but some don’t. And even those that have heard the lingo might recognize the word without understanding its meaning. So, lets talk some terminology.

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Exercise Can Kill You

Exercise can kill you. Well, so can lots of other things, but people tout exercise as all good, all the time. Before couch potatoes get excited here, life as an inanimate object doesn’t get excellent results either.

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