If you belong to the longer-is-better-on-the treadmill school of thought, you might want to reconsider. And if long distance running takes your time, you really need to think it through. Especially if you buy into the idea of high carb fueling.

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Terminology of Disease and Aging

People in the health biz throw around the lingo as if everybody has a clue. Well, some do, but some don’t. And even those that have heard the lingo might recognize the word without understanding its meaning. So, lets talk some terminology.

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Exercise Can Kill You

Exercise can kill you. Well, so can lots of other things, but people tout exercise as all good, all the time. Before couch potatoes get excited here, life as an inanimate object doesn’t get excellent results either.

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I’m sorry about slowing down in my blog posts. It’s not about any AWOL action, but about writing an e-book for my “Moving To Health” program that will open as soon as the infrastructure is solid.

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TSH Scenarios

We have before us multiple scenarios, all of which start and end in the same place. (This is going to be a tad long, so grab a cup of coffee to see you through to the end.) The adventure starts when you drag into the doctor’s office complaining about weight gain, extreme fatigue, thinning hair,…

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Some Random Thoughts

The biggest step you can take toward buoyant health is recognizing that your health is your responsibility. No matter how good your doctor is, he doesn’t know what you’re feeling, he doesn’t have much time to devote to you, and he’s not always available. The best situation is when you work with your doctor as…

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The Mystery Cause Of Thyroid Disease

One cause of thyroid disease–both hypo and hyper–is celiac (seal ee ak) disease. If you’ve ever heard of it, you get to go to the head of the class. It’s a health issue that’s gaining ground, but doctors almost never test for it. But, then, the test doesn’t tell the whole story anyway.

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