ADHD Is Caused by Money

I’m frothing at the mouth and steaming from my ears because of an interview with Dr. Fred Baughman that I read. To start out right, Dr. Baughman is one of the good guys. He’s also a board-certified neurologist–both for kids and adults. To give you a quick overview, he calls the ADHD diagnosis a total…

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Bogus Medicine

Here’s the scene: You go to the doctor dragging your patooty behind you. Your body has ballooned, but your hair got thin. You discovered a whole new definition of tired. And is it normal to wear an overcoat to bed to keep warm?

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Today’s All Star: Vitamin C

A while back, I read in Dr. David Brownstein’s Natural Way to Health newsletter–one of many I receive–that animals who produce their own Vitamin C never get heart disease. No atherosclerosis. No heart attacks. Just singing a song all the day long.

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In Praise of Cholesterol

Can we all get over our fixation on cholesterol? I mean, now that it’s clear that cholesterol isn’t what’s causing heart disease? But, but, but, if cholesterol is building up in my arteries, doesn’t that mean cholesterol’s the problem?

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The March to No Place Good

A Monsanto bigwig got wifey-poo, who happens to be in Congress, to introduce an agriculture bill that sounds like it’s for Mom, apple pie and the American flag. Fact is, it’s an attempt to put organic farms and farmer’s markets out of business.

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Fight Fluoride Fiercely

Enough with the fluoride already! Communities began adding fluoride to our drinking water based on “scientific” studies–which turned out to be bogus–claiming it would reduce cavities.

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