Prescription Meds to Avoid

Medicine is broken. Starting in the 1960s, when Rockefeller money muscled all medical schools into a drugs-only, drugs-always methodology, things have fallen apart.

The downhill pace turned into a race to the bottom when state medical boards started adding dictate after dictate about what doctors are allowed to do. They yank medical licenses when doctors disobey–even when breaking the “rules” saves lives.

This mess affects everybody. Patients don’t get the help they need, and good doctors deal with the emotional turmoil of not making patients a priority. Doctors that try to fight back are left bankrupt by the fixed system.

Which means we have to take an active role in our health. For instance, we have to know more about prescription medications before we send them down our gullet (or get a shot, etc.).

So, let’s look at ten, commonly prescribed, drugs, in random order, that are known to whack our health.

1. Immunizations

There’s nothing good to say about immunizations. They got their reputation by arriving on the scene the same time as sanitation did. Sanitation made the difference, but vaccines got the credit.

Vaccines routinely contain aluminum, which is toxic, particularly to the brain. Vaccines typically include aspartate, which kills nerve cells. Newer vaccines can contain cells from aborted babies. Etc. Lots of bad news; no good news.

2. Autoimmune disease medications

Rheumatoid arthritis and lupus, and probably all the other autoimmune diseases, happen when your adrenal glands can’t keep up. But medicine insists adrenal glands are never underactive, and blood tests, the only permissible way to test, don’t work.

Treatment won’t even address adrenal problems Some symptoms may improve, but without help for the adrenals, there’s no cure

3. Estrogen

Let me be blunt: Estrogen is a witch on wheels, huffing and puffing to get out of control. And we lavishly accommodate this evil wish. How? Mainly, via birth control pills and hormone replacement treatment (even with bio-identicals), but also by our diet. Soy, for one instance, provides a Vesuvius of estrogen.

Too much estrogen, estrogen dominance, leads to breast and prostate cancer–ant many other maladies. I met a man who had had both breast and prostate cancer. As we talked I asked about soy, and he assured me, while he loved soy, it was not the problem.

4. Antibiotics

The human genome project revealed, to widespread astonishment, our bodies had vastly more bacteria and virus cells than human cells, many of which we need for good health. To date, we don’t know which are our good buddies and which aren’t, so we have to let our bodies sort it out.

Antibiotics kill every bacteria cell they come across–good or bad. The cost to our immune system is high. Very high.

5. Statin drugs

High cholesterol doesn’t cause heart disease; it blesses our socks off. Our bodies use saturated fat to pump up our brains and to give our endocrine glands the raw material they need to create all our hormones.

Statin drugs ruin everything by making life harder than it ever needs to be.

6. Type 2 diabetes medications

Type 2 diabetes is prevented and cured with diet. Medicines just gum up the works and prevent healing.

7. Blood thinners

Prescription blood thinners don’t know when to stop. Should they go too far, you bleed internally, a medical emergency. There’s no way to fine-tune the dose to individual needs.

Natural blood thinners–garlic, vitamin E, etc.–thin your blood just right. Not too much, not too little, but just right.

8. Antidepression meds. (Antipsychotic meds, too.)

These addictive medications don’t heal anything. Just say “no.”

Meanwhile the B vitamins, vitamin D, magnesium–and others–fight to make things right. Which supps do you need? How much? Answers come from matching your symptoms with what each supp does.

9. Opiods

These addictive pain relievers cause more pain than they treat. They trump your beliefs, your common sense, everything but your addictive need for more. And they stomp all over your health.

Again, just say “no.” And don’t go back to doctors who prescribe them.

Supplements are gangbuster pain-relievers. Learn about them, start taking them, and keep reducing your opiod dose as the supps gain power.

10. Antacids

Most antacids are addictive, and rarely needed. Chances are 9 out of 10 that your heartburn (etc.) means you don’t have enough stomach acid, not too much. Please don’t lower it even more.

Again, learn what supplements work well, start taking them, then “wean” yourself from the antacid.

Bottom line: Love your body by giving it what it needs; your body will love you back by responding with the help you need.

God is good,
Bette Dowdell

About the author: Bette is all about determination. A month before her first birthday, a drunk driver smashed into her parents’ car, and she ended up with a concussion. The concussion put her endocrine system (the thyroid and the rest of the gang) pretty much out of business. Well, that system controls all of health, life was a mess, but doctors didn’t help. So, she got her Oh-Yeah! attitude in gear and researched her way out. Now she writes about how your body works and what you can do to make it work better. Good, eh? Subscribe to her free health emails by clicking on “Subscribe” (top right).

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