Three Essentials of a Health-Promoting Diet

We’re awash in diet advice. Some is contradictory. A lot is just plain wrong. But it’s the truth that leads to health, so let’s get rid of three untruths that sink our energy and joy.

1. A Low-Salt Diet
Salt is dressed-up sodium, and sodium is necessary to health. Why would we want to avoid something our bodies need?

Sodium is an electrolyte. Think of electrolytes as electricity that keeps the machine going and the lights on. All without raising blood pressure, hubba hubba.

If your adrenal glands are poking along in the slow lane, you’ll actually crave salt. Just another way your body tells you what’s going on.

But don’t eat regular table salt from the grocery store. Stripped of all balancing minerals, with toxic aluminum added, it’s just another bad-for-you processed food.

Instead, use sea salt. With nearly 80 additional minerals that help you get up and go, sea salt has a milder taste than table salt–and a mellow aftertaste.

I use the Celtic brand of sea salt. It’s available in health food stores and on-line.

2. A Low-Protein Diet
Although diet poobahs chant the praises of low protein diets all the day long, our bodies need protein at every meal. Why, you ask? As part of the digestion process, our bodies convert protein to amino acids, which nurture our various body parts. In turn, the amino acids create enzymes, customized to our body’s needs at the time, to do thousands of needed tasks that promote health.

The poobahs don’t mention this sequence, but suggest we take enzymes. So we don’t get the customized enzymes we need, but some off-the-rack, one-size-fits-all combination that can’t get the job done. Off-the-rack never replaces custom-made.

Exactly why does this matter? This “protein sequence” delights all parts of our endocrine system. It satisfies our hunger, slows down aging, keeps muscles from sagging and bagging, boosts our metabolism, etc., etc., etc.

One word of caution: The same poobahs that celebrate a low-protein diet, add to the disaster by suggesting we use soy as our protein. Are you kidding me? Soy poisons our body. It whacks the endocrine system, it floods us with bogus estrogen, which leads to all sorts of woe, and drags us down, down, down. Yeah, I know it’s promoted as healthy, but they lie.

3. A Low-Fat Diet
We need to unlearn this recommendation because a low-fat diet picks a fight with trouble–a fight our bodies can’t win.

We need fat. And not just any fat, but–Gasp!– saturated fat.

Vegetable oils, polyunsaturated fats, cause inflammation, and inflammation leads to disease. Pick a disease, any disease, and polyunsaturated fats will take you there–a big-time reason processed foods do such a number on you.

On the other hand, saturated fat makes a body happy! Even giddy.

What’s all that glee about? Your brain needs saturated fat to keep on keeping on, and your endocrine system makes all its hormones from the saturated fat in your diet. No saturated fat means a shrinking brain and fading hormones, so you’re going down.

Your body pulls every trick it knows to get its hands on saturated fat, but eventually runs out of tricks. The doc will call it aging, but that’s just a code word for fading health caused by inadequate nutrition.

Trying to lose weight? Saturated fat tells your body it’s okay to let go of the blubber it’s been hoarding. Daddy’s here, and everything’s going to be fine. And that’s a fact.

Finally, cholesterol doesn’t cause heart problems; inflammation does. In fact, saturated fat seems to lower cholesterol a little. Who knew?

Bottom line: A healthy diet can include such things as a juicy, well-salted steak from grass-fed beef, marbled with plenty of good, old saturated fat. Please excuse me while I drool!

God is good,
Bette Dowdell

About the author: Bette Dowdell defines determination. A drunk driver caused a concussion, which put her into a really deep health ditch, when she was a baby. Her endocrine system, the thyroid and the rest of the gang, which controls all of health, dragged along, out of balance and out of sorts, but doctors didn’t help. So, she got her Oh-Yeah! attitude in gear and researched her way out. Along the way, her fascination with how our bodies work grew, and grew, and grew, so Bette’s still researching. Subscribe to her free health e-mails at

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