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Dealing With Stress

Today is all about stress. I’ll be getting into the technical weeds a bit, but nothing more than you can handle. Because of the drunk driver who hit my parents’ car when I was a baby, my adrenal glands are a sorry pair. Better now than they used to be, though.

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Are Your Adrenal Glands in Trouble?

I tell you true, whether they’re involved in mischief or magic, our adrenal glands know how to get attention. For instance: *     Our adrenals have a big say in how well our brain works.

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Three Endocrine Amigos

When it’s about health, everything affects everything. Big things, small things, unexpected things, anything can stomp in and drag you into a mess. Why? Our complicated endocrine system always does its own thing. Since we often don’t know what “its own thing” means, results get dismaying.

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Salt Is Your Friend

So, let’s talk about salt. Poor salt! It pours out its very life to benefit mankind and earns only disdain in return. Well, maybe that’s a little over the top, but salt doesn’t deserve the bad rap it gets. It may not be manna from heaven, but it’s good stuff. Essential to life stuff.

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Are Your Adrenal Glands in Good Shape?

First, a little background. Our two adrenal glands, part of the ultra-connected endocrine system, sit atop our two kidneys, looking a bit like floppy berets. While they don’t look significant, they play a huge role in health. As in HUGE.

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Stressed? Probably.

Stress is everywhere, lurking around every corner, always alert for opportunities to take a swipe at us. And I hate to be the one to break it to you, but we’re all kind of clueless about what stress is, what to watch for, things that alleviate stress, things that make it worse, and on, and…

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Happy Ways to Tone the Abs

We’re told good health requires exercise. Perhaps we’ve heard the chanting of mantras such as “No pain; no gain.” And all that talk about exercise fails to make our hearts sing. In fact, thoughts of spending large chunks of our time flailing away make us reach for chocolate to ease the stress.

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Detoxing: Friend or Foe?

The short answer is, for people with endocrine problems, detoxing is a foe. Let’s talk about it. Our endocrine system and our gastrointestinal system–that part of us we’re thinking of detoxing–are joined, in a manner of speaking, at the hip. You can’t affect one without affecting the other. Big time.

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