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Dealing With Stress

Today is all about stress. I’ll be getting into the technical weeds a bit, but nothing more than you can handle. Because of the drunk driver who hit my parents’ car when I was a baby, my adrenal glands are a sorry pair. Better now than they used to be, though.

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Four Endocrine Heros

You want amazing? Check out the endocrine system. Not only does the list of activities go on and on, the level of cooperation between endocrine glands goes to the death. If one gland starts to falter, the others try to help. If one gland dies, the others throw themselves on the funeral pyre in an…

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Are All Vitamins Equal?

T’would be nice if taking any vitamin was your pathway to health, but that’s not reality. Some vitamins (and other supplements, too) have ingredients you don’t want to send down your gullet. Your unique body may not welcome others. And, of course, your body may not need some supplements.

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Speaking of Calcium

It’s hard to find good health information these days, especially in magazines with screaming headlines about it. This stuff really take the starch out of my socks.

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Saving Our Bones

Worrying about bone health gets a lot of press, but rather than just talking about our bones, here are four easy tips to keep them in good shape for a lifetime.

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Thyroid Facts

Half the population suffers from thyroid problems, mostly undiagnosed thanks to unreliable tests, but pretty much nobody understands thyroid meds–not patients, not doctors, not magazines.

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Body Balance

Carve this in stone: Your body will balance itself no matter what you think, do or say. This is one of the many things they don’t teach us in school.

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