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Digestion Woes

We live in an age of unhappy digestive systems. Medicine has two all-purpose answers for us: Avoid gluten and/or take an antacid; both are bad ideas. Today, let’s talk about gluten.

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Can Rosacea Be Healed?

Mickey asks, “Can you briefly discuss rosacea? Are there any natural cures? Can eliminating anything help? Is it hormonal or autoimmune? I refuse to take any more antibiotics for this! Dr. is not giving answers, just prescriptions.”

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Hair Tales

Our hair doesn’t make the Top Ten list of what’s important about us, but it sure does get our attention. Especially us endocrine people. So let me tell you of my hair adventures. They’re kinda weird, but going through life saying “Oh, really?” seems to be part and parcel of endocrine life. I’m thinking many…

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Everything Affects Everything

Medicine treats our various body parts as separate and entire unto themselves. Each specialty treats a specific body part–with almost no reference to anything else.

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Poison Prescriptions

When your doc writes a prescription, there’s a 33% chance it’ll have fluoride in it–fluoride that’s concentrated to a fare-thee-well for impact. Ah, yes, there’s nothing like concentrated poison to make things better.

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