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Is Low Cholesterol a Blessing or a Curse?

Well, now, see, that may sound like a trick question because nobody ever seems to mention that your cholesterol level can be too low. But the fact is, low cholesterol levels kick your health in the shins (and most other body parts, too), while high cholesterol levels are usually incidental information.

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What Causes Heart Attacks

I hope you’re sitting down, all relaxed, and ready to deal with the fact that what causes heart attacks isn’t what we’ve been told it is. We’ve been told a lie. Poobahs tell us again and again–endlessly–often at the top of their lungs, in every media outlet available to them, that the one-and-only cause of…

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The Truth About Cholesterol and Statin Drugs

Here’s the scenario: You go to the doc and give a little blood for testing. Then, when you go back for the results, the doc says your cholesterol’s too high and orders a statin drug. Yikes! Here’s what you need to know:

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Your Mind-Boggling Thyroid

What can I say about the too-often down-and-out thyroid? Or the too-high and on-fire thyroid, for that matter. I guess the best thing to say is the thyroid has a knack of getting into trouble–or being pushed into trouble. About half of us have a wonky thyroid struggling to get through the day with any…

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Statin Drugs Are Dangerous

An out-of-whack thyroid doubles your chance of heart problems–heart attacks, congestive heart failure, where an out-of-shape heart struggles to pump blood, but finally fails, etc.

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Some Things Take a Loooooong Time

Back in 1983, a young medical intern, Barry Marshall, published a research paper about the connection between the h-pylori bacteria and peptic ulcers. In response, the sound of crickets was loud in the land. In 1984, he and Robin Marshall published another paper with research proving that h-pylori actually caused ulcers. Still more crickets.

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The Truth Will Set Your Arteries Free

It’s hard to know how to hold your face when people paint themselves into a corner, then insist that’s not where they are. Here’s the deal, Self-appointed busybodies screamed and yelled and hollered about McDonalds using beef fat to cook their fries. They decided McDonalds was evil and accused McDonalds of purposely risking our very…

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