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Aging Doesn’t Have to Mean Bad Health

According to popular opinion, aging always means declining health. And that seems true enough, at least as far as we can tell, but let’s talk about why this doesn’t have to be. Our immune system determines how long and how well we live. The rest of the endocrine gang has a lot to say about…

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Four Endocrine Heros

You want amazing? Check out the endocrine system. Not only does the list of activities go on and on, the level of cooperation between endocrine glands goes to the death. If one gland starts to falter, the others try to help. If one gland dies, the others throw themselves on the funeral pyre in an…

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Most of What You Hear About Concussions Is Wrong

Concussions, unfortunately, aren’t rare. As common as they are, though, we don’t know much about them. Symptoms can be all over the place, but medicine has concluded the problem is a damaged brain. Fix the brain, and you fix the problem.

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Our Unknown Pituitary Gland

The pituitary gland is the grand poobah of the endocrine system, but it gets ignored a lot. It’s important, but it sure doesn’t get much respect. We really need to know more about it. The pituitary hangs, like a tiny tear drop, right below the hypothalamus portion of the brain. It’s behind the bridge of…

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Our Unique and Opinionated Bodies

Most of what we read about health is wrong. Pretty much as wrong as it can be, in fact. Medical schools teach the “blank slate” theory of health. This theory says bodies willingly comply with whatever they’re pushed into doing because they have no minds of their own. There’s no need, experts believe, to learn…

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Choose Health

Strange as it sounds, not everybody chooses health. Most people are not excited about learning how to deal with their fatigue, brain fog, lost hair and all the rest. Perhaps they see it as too much effort. Oh, they want to feel better. No question about that! But they want a magic bullet, not information.

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Healing Concussions

If you have any health issue, your endocrine system’s involved. You may not know what an endocrine system is, but health problems mean it’s in trouble. Today, let’s talk about the possible scope of your endocrine problem. People talk freely about the thyroid, and they should; it’s estimated 50% of us have thyroid problems.

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