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What Causes Stress?

When writing a problem-solving article, we’re told to start by explaining the problem. But stress isn’t an unknown problem. It may come at you head-on or sneak up from behind. Sometimes you know the cause, but sometimes you don’t. However it arrives, you recognize it, a less-than-wonderful part of life.

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The Latest News About Blood Pressure

Holy moley, Batman, they’re at it again! Now medicine has come to the brilliant conclusion that the way to deal with failure is to create more of it. Here’s the story: Blood pressure medicines are a failure. Even if the meds get your systolic and diastolic numbers to line up just so, your body won’t…

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The Blessings of Coffee

Health isn’t all about worry; sometimes it’s relaxing and delicious. For instance, research says caffeinated coffee is a medical wonder, blessing our socks off with each sip. Studies find that coffee’s big-time benefits start at three cups a day. More is fine, but less does less.

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Are Low Cortisol Levels a Problem?

What you hear about cortisol, if you hear anything at all, says you should worry about high cortisol levels. What nobody mentions, perhaps because they don’t know, is low cortisol is the snake in the grass you have to watch out for. Inadequate cortisol never ends well. A little low is one thing. You may…

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Are Your Adrenal Glands in Trouble?

I tell you true, whether they’re involved in mischief or magic, our adrenal glands know how to get attention. For instance: *     Our adrenals have a big say in how well our brain works.

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Are Your Adrenal Glands in Good Shape?

First, a little background. Our two adrenal glands, part of the ultra-connected endocrine system, sit atop our two kidneys, looking a bit like floppy berets. While they don’t look significant, they play a huge role in health. As in HUGE.

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The Rest of the Stress Story

Holey Moley, Chester, be careful out there! As you know, stress is the big kahuna of problems nowadays. And maybe stress-R-you. But just because somebody says something’s good for stress doesn’t mean you should take it. You need to know the rest of the story.

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