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When the Immune System Falls

What in the world is PANDAS? An ordinary, run-of-the-mill strep infection can lead to absolute disaster. One day your adorable child has a minor infection; the next day, your adorable child morphs into something out of a Stephen King novel. One little girl changed from happy-all-the-time to screeching-rages-all-the-time. And it went on, and on, and…

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Dry Mouth Woes

Most folks think of “Dry Mouth,” known amongst the poobahs as xerostomia (zero STOW mee uh), as a minor, occasional inconvenience. For most of us, if dry mouth shows up, it goes away fairly quickly, so we don’t worry about it.

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Solving Endocrine Mysteries

So here you are: You know the members of the endocrine gang and a little about what each does. Understanding how they work is another story. First, no part of the endocrine system ever acts alone. Oh, no. This bunch interacts, all day, all night, all over the place. And not just a little bit…

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The Gray Cloud of Depression

Didja ever hear of Joe Btsfplk? Btsfplk (pronounced to sound like a Bronx Cheer) walked–or should we say dragged dejectedly–through the comic strip, “Lil Abner” by Al Capp. Poor old Joe lived every day of his life in a cloud of misery and woe. Sometimes life is like that. Times when life is no fun…

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Most of What You Hear About Concussions Is Wrong

Concussions, unfortunately, aren’t rare. As common as they are, though, we don’t know much about them. Symptoms can be all over the place, but medicine has concluded the problem is a damaged brain. Fix the brain, and you fix the problem.

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Bacteria That’s Good Enough to Love

Being good soldiers, we fight the fight against bacteria with gusto. Hold up, little soldier, we need to talk about how we might want to be a little selective in our fight against germs. Why? Some bacteria wear the white hats of heroes, and we need them for good health. Oh, yes, indeed! These good…

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The Busy Immune System

Did you ever wonder how your body protects itself from disease? More important, did you ever wonder how you could help get the job done? Well, you probably know that your immune system leads the battle against diseases. You may even know this defense system is the most complicated system in your body. For one…

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