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Invisible Inflammation

The single greatest threat to our health is inflammation. Pick a disease, any disease, and talking inflammation. Sometimes inflammation is visible. For instance, bug bites, splinters, joint injuries, etc. give us a ringside seat to watch a mini-war as our body fights to get rid of the enemy and protect the homeland. Usually, though, we…

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Solving Endocrine Mysteries

So here you are: You know the members of the endocrine gang and a little about what each does. Understanding how they work is another story. First, no part of the endocrine system ever acts alone. Oh, no. This bunch interacts, all day, all night, all over the place. And not just a little bit…

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Two Sure Ways to Whack Your Thyroid

So there we are: Feeling fat, more than a little tired, with thinning hair, and a brain in a constant fog. According to magazines, it all means our thyroid needs a visit to the doctor for a pick-me-up. The doc, looking wise and serious, orders a thyroid test, which, as I say again and again,…

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About Getting Saggy-Baggy

If you ask your doc why your muscles aren’t what they used to be, you’ll hear talk about getting old. Same with asking about the rapid onset of wrinkles. And why your brain hiccups at the most inopportune times? Same answer.

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Stop Stomping On Your Energy

So, there you are, dragging your patooty through one grey day after another, wondering where your brain went, why your body aches and if you’ll ever feel good again.

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Immune System Challenge

Immune System Challenge Somewhere in the back of my mind I kind of remember a song, What Are You Doing For the Rest of Your Life? that was popular back in the day. I only remember the title, though, not the song. Maybe you’re wondering how you’ll fill all the days of your life. Well,…

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Helping Your Immune System

Since we can never know enough about the endocrine system, controller of all health, today we’ll talk about the thymus gland. The thymus is part of the endocrine system. This means, like all endocrine glands, it follows the credo of one-for-all-and-all-for-one through all of life. These glands work like crazy to help each other, but…

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