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Is Low Cholesterol a Blessing or a Curse?

Well, now, see, that may sound like a trick question because nobody ever seems to mention that your cholesterol level can be too low. But the fact is, low cholesterol levels kick your health in the shins (and most other body parts, too), while high cholesterol levels are usually incidental information.

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One Way to Wreck Your Health

Every, single day, people across the fruited plain practice do-it-yourself brain damage. Why? Because they have no idea they’re making life really hard for their brain–and all the rest of their health, for that matter. And I’m talking about smart people!

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Four Endocrine Heros

You want amazing? Check out the endocrine system. Not only does the list of activities go on and on, the level of cooperation between endocrine glands goes to the death. If one gland starts to falter, the others try to help. If one gland dies, the others throw themselves on the funeral pyre in an…

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Meet Your Endocrine System

The endocrine system is made up of glands that create hormones. In fact, if you’re talking about hormones, the topic is this little known system, the only part of our bodies that creates hormones.

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Love Your Body to Health

So, let’s venture forth into hypothalamus-land. Most people have never heard of the hypothalamus. Others have heard, some even know quite a bit about it, but they don’t get excited about this seemingly unimportant blob of tissue.

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Don’t Mess With the Big Boss

The hypothalamus, the Big Boss of our body, is kinda, sorta part of the brain. Unfortunately, while it’s part of our brain, it’s not protected by the blood/brain barrier. So it’s vulnerable. And not knowing what it does, how it does it or why, means we may be whacking our hypothalamus every day. This is…

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Whacking Your Hypothalamus And Other Bad Ideas

And what, you might ask, is a hypothalamus and why do I have to care about whether or not it gets whacked? Well, now, see, those are great questions! Especially since most people don’t know what the hypothalamus is, or where it is, let alone what it does–or at least, what it does whilst unwhacked.

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Happy Ways to Tone the Abs

We’re told good health requires exercise. Perhaps we’ve heard the chanting of mantras such as “No pain; no gain.” And all that talk about exercise fails to make our hearts sing. In fact, thoughts of spending large chunks of our time flailing away make us reach for chocolate to ease the stress.

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