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Dealing With Trigger Points

What’s a trigger point? Well, according to Wikipedia, a trigger point is “pain related to a discrete, irritable point in skeletal muscle or fascia, not caused by acute local trauma, inflammation, degeneration, neoplasm or infection.” Well, now, see, that’s a lot of words adding up to not much. You still don’t know what a trigger…

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Ice vs Heat for Healing

So here you are, in the middle of another, “oh my aching back” kind of day, and you’re thinking about whipping out the old heating pad, but stop to wonder if ice would be better. I vote for ice. That said, we’re all unique, and this is one of the many questions for which there…

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The Ice Pack Cometh

Muscle problems tend to accompany endocrine issues, especially when it’s the adrenal glands that can’t or won’t keep up. Our muscles get inflamed and ‘knotted up,’ worse on some days than others.

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