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Invisible Inflammation

The single greatest threat to our health is inflammation. Pick a disease, any disease, and talking inflammation. Sometimes inflammation is visible. For instance, bug bites, splinters, joint injuries, etc. give us a ringside seat to watch a mini-war as our body fights to get rid of the enemy and protect the homeland. Usually, though, we…

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Antibiotics and Bacteria

For years, we were taught–and we believed–bacteria were bad, bad, bad, bad, bad. That they started all manner of health problems, which put antibiotics front and center in the effort to fight whatever ailed us. Medical schools taught that the changes antibiotics made to healthy cells, such as in our digestive system, would return to…

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Building Your Defense System

Perhaps you’ve heard the old joke about a visitor in Manhattan asking a New Yorker how to get to Carnegie Hall. The native replied, “Practice! Practice! Practice!”

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