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Invisible Inflammation

The single greatest threat to our health is inflammation. Pick a disease, any disease, and talking inflammation. Sometimes inflammation is visible. For instance, bug bites, splinters, joint injuries, etc. give us a ringside seat to watch a mini-war as our body fights to get rid of the enemy and protect the homeland. Usually, though, we…

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Digestion Woes

We live in an age of unhappy digestive systems. Medicine has two all-purpose answers for us: Avoid gluten and/or take an antacid; both are bad ideas. Today, let’s talk about gluten.

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What’s Up With Stomach Acid?

Vicki asks: If a person has bad GERD that supposedly has been repaired, yet still has acid and takes Tums, been on Proton Pump inhibitors and Cytotec (protects stomach from opiates/terminal) for 8 years, poops rotting, undigested food, getting weaker all year–should he not take digestive enzymes to help digest that food?

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