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Why Are We Killing Good Guys?

Well, the short answer to that question is that nobody seems to know that’s what’s going on. And if nobody knows, then nobody tells us, and we end up killing good guys–and our health. Let’s talk about one good guy, acetylcholine, and how we’re doing it in.

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Dry Mouth Woes

Most folks think of “Dry Mouth,” known amongst the poobahs as xerostomia (zero STOW mee uh), as a minor, occasional inconvenience. For most of us, if dry mouth shows up, it goes away fairly quickly, so we don’t worry about it.

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Why Your Health Depends on You

Medicine is getting worse and worse. Big Pharma and the health insurance industry want money, lots of money, more and more money. If doctors don’t get on the money train, they get the boot–lose their license and have to find a new way to make a living. Meanwhile, asthma rates are skyrocketing. Breast cancer rates,…

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Nutritional Supplements vs Prescription Medications

Vitamins and minerals work differently from prescription meds. Vitamins and minerals support our bodies to do all they need to do. They ease their way in and offer to help. Our bodies stay in charge. Prescription meds, on the other hand, march in and take over.

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Health Building

Doctors tell us vitamins are useless–and add their little joke about expensive urine. But then they say if we hit the old vitamin bottle too hard, we’ll die. Well, now, how in the world can both statements be true? In fact, neither is. Vitamins and minerals do powerful things. But instead of marching in and…

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Armed and Dangerous

When disasters strike, such as Japan’s nuclear plant meltdown in 2011, panic ensues. The air fills with “The sky is falling!” alarms and suggestions about how to fight back.

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