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What Causes Stress?

When writing a problem-solving article, we’re told to start by explaining the problem. But stress isn’t an unknown problem. It may come at you head-on or sneak up from behind. Sometimes you know the cause, but sometimes you don’t. However it arrives, you recognize it, a less-than-wonderful part of life.

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Meet Your “Third Eye”

Before we sally forth into new territory, let’s review how the endocrine system works. Trouble can start in any of your endocrine glands, and once trouble’s afoot, all the other glands jump into the battle. Without knowing whether the war will end well or badly, your glands willingly give their all. Even glands you never…

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You and Your Gazillion Clocks

Each of us has a circadian clock that’s responsible for keeping things working on a 24-hour schedule so everything happens according to plan instead of haphazardly creating a mess. As it turns out, the circadian clock plays a big role in health. But it’s not just one Big Ben tolling out the schedule. Oh, no.…

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The Scourge of Dementia

Man, oh, man! Things are looking really bad for our future. Well, at least according to some folks, but then, just because somebody says something doesn’t make it true. Let’s take a look at the news.

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How to Improve Your Future

We spend a lot of time thinking about the future, worrying what will happen, planning for what we hope to happen. But that’s the future, the unpredictable future, and we have no control. Well, not so fast with that control business.

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Body Connections

Quite a few of you responded to the 2014 “What Should Bette Write About” Contest saying you wanted me to continue to write about how the endocrine system works. Well, murder mysteries never go out of style, and neither do the mysteries of the endocrine system. According to studies, 50% of us have endocrine problems…

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Innocent-Looking Enemies

As you probably know, we’re surrounded by health enemies. Trouble is, they seem like such a part of everyday life, that we don’t have a clue we’re in trouble. Today I want to talk about an enemy born in 1974, fluorescent lights.

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