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How Medicine Hurts Your Health

Medicine is in a mess. Doctors are taught not to even try to fix chronic illnesses; they should just treat symptoms instead. That’s what they learned in medical school, but it means their patients drag through life, out of gas, running on fumes. Doctors are too hemmed in by regulations–from government and insurance companies–to be…

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Stomach Acid Questions

Today, let’s talk about a common health problem nobody thinks they have–low stomach acid–hypochlorhydria, for those who like big words. Now, all the talk is about high stomach acid, and you may think that’s your problem. Perhaps you were even told it was, maybe even given a prescription to take the acid down a notch…

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40 Fascinating Health Facts

1. Didja know farmed fish have little nutritional value? But they do have antibiotics and lotsa stuff you don’t want. 2. Didja know most grocery store milk contains estrogen that does dastardly things to your body?

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How Antacids Ruin Health

When medicine touts antacids, they never tell you the “rest of the story.” So today, I bravely step into the breach to tell the incredible truth: antacids can lead to death.

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Some Solutions Are Worse Than the Problem

So there you are, burping away, chest on fire with indigestion, perhaps bloated. How, you wonder, did I swallow a watermelon without noticing what I was doing? This is not fun. You mention it to the doc–and get a prescription for an antacid to lower your stomach acid.

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Are Your Adrenal Glands in Good Shape?

First, a little background. Our two adrenal glands, part of the ultra-connected endocrine system, sit atop our two kidneys, looking a bit like floppy berets. While they don’t look significant, they play a huge role in health. As in HUGE.

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