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Health Problems Are Never Just One Thing

You know, it would be really swell if health problems practiced a little etiquette. Like, if they only showed up one at a time. And didn’t make more demands than we could handle. And certainly, if they would catch a clue when they were getting on our nerves and just go away.

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Solving Endocrine Mysteries

So here you are: You know the members of the endocrine gang and a little about what each does. Understanding how they work is another story. First, no part of the endocrine system ever acts alone. Oh, no. This bunch interacts, all day, all night, all over the place. And not just a little bit…

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Is Your Liver Happy?

You may have noticed that nobody writes love songs about the liver. In fact, poets ignore the liver–no poetry, no praise, pretty much nothing about the liver gets a mention. And I’ll grant you that the liver lacks dashing good looks. Liver looks like, well, liver–gushy, shapeless, certainly nothing much to write raptures about. Adding…

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Do You Have This Mystery Disease?

First, what’s a mystery disease? Well, it’s a health problem with a name, but not much more. Nobody knows the cause. Treatment, while often presented as “evidence based,” is a guess. You may or may not get rid of it. As I said, it’s a mystery disease.

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Defining “Symptoms”

If you’ve been hanging around Too Pooped to Participate for a while, you know that I do go on about the fact your body knows what it needs, and it’s the only one that does. And also the fact that your body is talking to you about what it needs every minute of every day,…

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Healing the Unknown

If you’re like most people, you have friends and relatives with health problems that don’t get healed. They go from doctor to doctor to doctor. They try a little bit of this and a little bit of that. But they’re still suffering. If that’s where you, your friends or your relatives are, you’ll be pleased…

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