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Aging Doesn’t Have to Mean Bad Health

According to popular opinion, aging always means declining health. And that seems true enough, at least as far as we can tell, but let’s talk about why this doesn’t have to be. Our immune system determines how long and how well we live. The rest of the endocrine gang has a lot to say about…

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Didja Know

I’m constantly amazed at all the little ways we can improve our health. Here’s a list of my Didja Know factoids so you can share my amazement. 1. Didja know apples come loaded with pesticides? Worst fruit buy going.

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Natural vs Synthetic

There’s a lot of to-do going on about natural vitamins having an edge on the synthetics. And, truth to tell, going natural sure sounds good. The way God intended and all. But like with so many things, the devil’s in the details.

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News For Your Taste Buds

I’m not much on the idea of eating bugs and twigs. And a lot of so-called healthy diets sound pretty twiggy to me. Seems like efforts to make the right health moves should lead to a reward, as in delicious.

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