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A Big-Time Way to Help Your Body

Doctors tell us vitamins are useless–and add their little joke about expensive urine. But then they say if we hit the old vitamin bottle too hard, we’ll die. Well, now, how in the world can both statements be true? In fact, neither is. Vitamins and minerals do powerful things. But instead of marching in and…

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Are All Vitamins Equal?

T’would be nice if taking any vitamin was your pathway to health, but that’s not reality. Some vitamins (and other supplements, too) have ingredients you don’t want to send down your gullet. Your unique body may not welcome others. And, of course, your body may not need some supplements.

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Saving Our Bones

Worrying about bone health gets a lot of press, but rather than just talking about our bones, here are four easy tips to keep them in good shape for a lifetime.

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Natural vs Synthetic

There’s a lot of to-do going on about natural vitamins having an edge on the synthetics. And, truth to tell, going natural sure sounds good. The way God intended and all. But like with so many things, the devil’s in the details.

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Why You Should Skip The Flu Shot

Well, looky here. The earth turned in its orbit, and once again we’re preparing to greet flu season. Along with endless, thought-to-be seasonally appropriate ads for flu shots.

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