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A Big-Time Way to Help Your Body

Doctors tell us vitamins are useless–and add their little joke about expensive urine. But then they say if we hit the old vitamin bottle too hard, we’ll die. Well, now, how in the world can both statements be true? In fact, neither is. Vitamins and minerals do powerful things. But instead of marching in and…

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Dealing With Stress

Today is all about stress. I’ll be getting into the technical weeds a bit, but nothing more than you can handle. Because of the drunk driver who hit my parents’ car when I was a baby, my adrenal glands are a sorry pair. Better now than they used to be, though.

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Some Good News About Bad Soy

Well, well, well, well! A popular consumer magazine finally said something about the health risks of soy oil. Be still my heart! I’ve been jumping up and down about the perils of soy for a long time, and it’s been very, very lonely.

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When Your Digestion Dances the Fandango

Well, I hate to be the one to tell you, but a lot of foods can start an uproar in your digestive system. Maybe not on their first trip down your gullet, but there will come a day. If you’re kind of lucky, the fandango will be slow and not too troublesome; while you won’t…

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40 Fascinating Health Facts

1. Didja know farmed fish have little nutritional value? But they do have antibiotics and lotsa stuff you don’t want. 2. Didja know most grocery store milk contains estrogen that does dastardly things to your body?

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The Main Cause of Disease

Inflammation causes most disease. In fact, as we become more aware of what inflammation is and what it does, we realize all the trouble this bad boy causes. Heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s–you get the drift. Not everybody got the memo, though. Few magazines talk about inflammation. It doesn’t tend to come up in the…

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